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The Marvelous Megabat Sean Mac Queen

The Marvelous Megabat

Sean Mac Queen

Kindle Edition
80 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Jerry Townsend is a typical teenage boy with typical teenage problems. But when a group of bullies trap him inside a cave filled with exotic bats, Jerry is attacked and the bites leave him hospitalized. After discovering his senses and physical abilities have been heightened to superhuman levels, Jerry learns that the cave wasnt far from the site of an old lab that experimented with bats and radiation. Using his new powers, Jerry dresses up like a giant bat, originally to exact revenge on the bullies who terrorized him, but he soon found another use for it when he stopped a crime and saved someones life. Adopting the name Megabat, Jerry spends his days and nights hunting criminals and saving lives, while also running from the law.