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Four Brothers in Love Jel Jones

Four Brothers in Love

Jel Jones

Published January 8th 2014
ISBN : 9781630842062
358 pages
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 About the Book 

Meet the Four Brothers In Love: Rome, Britain, Paris and Sydney, benevolent young men in a class of their own. Some men are dashing and handsome- but these brothers are simply gorgeous. They are the product of a filthy rich couple who once lived a jet set glamorous life. Their father, Ryan Franklin, was once the biggest movie star in Hollywood until a car accident ruined his looks and brought on despair that ultimately took his life. Therefore, the four brothers are not seeking to turn back the clock and resurrect their fathers movie career. They blame the industry for his death. Its been said that the girl usually choose wealth and security over good looks, however, in the Four Brothers In Love, these pretty boys snag the love of the prettiest, richest girls in town without lifting a finger to try.