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Firepower Steve Brewer


Steve Brewer

Kindle Edition
203 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Can a deadpan hitman save the world from Big Oil?In FIREPOWER, a hitman named Bob is sent to kill a young woman who invented a regenerative hydrogen fuel cell, an energy source that will make oil obsolete.Once he realizes whats at stake, Bob helps the scientist escape. They flee across the desert Southwest, branded as terrorists, chased by the feds and killers sent by Big Oil.Bob is very good at his job, leaving a trail of bodies as the scientist finds a way to tell the world about the conspiracy.An action-packed thriller!Praise for Steve Brewer, the author of 20 books:Like Elmore Leonard, the writer whose work his most resembles, Brewer writes with a light and deft touch, bringing style and wit to the crime genre. --The Chicago Sun-Times