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Revelation 15 John Neely

Revelation 15

John Neely

Published November 1st 2010
Kindle Edition
43 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

God has a plan for every individual who has or ever will live. In history man has plans galore, none of which ever succeed.God has but one plan, all inclusive and all comprehensive, and it never changes and has never changed since eternity past.Despite mans efforts to make his own destiny, only Gods efforts will succeed.And that is where each one of us needs to look for success, for prosperity, for meaning and purpose, and for completion of our life, in our life.This study is one in a long series of books taken from, and will continue to be compiled from, the ongoing Daily Bible Study online.http://www.DailyBibleStudy.OrgBooks for kids of all ages. Providing an educational alternative, opening minds, exercising imagination, expanding vocabulary, and challenging innovative thought.