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Thirtyfolder Joshua R Fields


Joshua R Fields

Published July 16th 2014
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

“I am afraid, Constable, that it will exploit you,” Sarah finally answered. She warned sadly, “It will exploit all of us.”Emerging from the fog of her war with Elizabeth for Jacob’s heart, a seemingly victorious Miriam departs Kunaropolis with her prize. The unlikely couple journeys to “the hedonistic haven of Hannan,” diverted there by the scheming crime lord, Agatha Moriarty. Yet Miriam’s evil nature and savage jealousy clash with Jacob’s spiritual growth and reluctance to abandon his marriage. The resultant emotional conflict threatens to tear their relationship apart at the seams.Meanwhile, Elizabeth remains in Kunaropolis, refusing to pursue her husband and his “demon whore.” The spiritual world forces her hand, however, when Miriam’s former handler, the demon Marcion, possesses her teenage daughter and absconds with her. Desperate to rescue her oldest child, Elizabeth travels to Hannan to enlist the aid of Jacob and Miriam in hunting down Marcion.Thrust together once again in the unbridled decadence of Hannan, Jacob, Elizabeth and Miriam encounter a constantly evolving kaleidoscope of evil schemes, old lovers, new threats and alluring temptations. The deadly demonic gauntlet promises but one thing: loss is inevitable.